When it comes to Online Personal Branding…

We’ve Got Your B.A.C.K.S. (Brand, Audience, Connections, Knowledge and Sales)!

  • BRAND Visibility

    Increase your BRAND Visibility with your Affiliate Partnership.

  • AUDIENCE Growth

    Build your AUDIENCE with your Affiliate Partnership.


    Make New CONNECTIONS with your Affiliate Partnership.

  • KNOWLEDGE Development

    Develop your KNOWLEDGE with your Affiliate Partnership.

  • More SALES

    Close More SALES with your Affiliate Partnership.

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[Release Date: August 20, 2018] Affiliate Partnership Approval

Reserve your spot NOW to be placed in Order of Priority to receive your Affiliate Partner Code and Links. Sign-up NOW to Lock-In your spot. All Affiliate Partnership Benefits are outlined in the "Details and Instructions Overview" section (you can access this section once you have signed-up).

Affiliate Partnerships are Absolutely Free.

Click on the button to Instantly Access the "Details and Instructions Overview" of the Affiliate Partnership and to be placed in Order of Priority to receive your Affiliate Partner Code and Links.

Affiliate Partnership FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the Affiliate Partner Program Free Forever or will I be charged a Monthly Fee at a later date?

    The Affiliate Partner Program is Free Forever and you will NEVER be charged a Monthly Fee.

  • Will I really receive 25% from all sales, even if I am not paying a monthly fee?

    Absolutely. You will receive 25% Commissions on all Product Sales as well as 25% Residual Affiliate Commissions (every single month) on every Platinum Partnership sold, using any of your Affiliate Partner Links.

  • Why have I not received my Affiliate Partner Code or my Affiliate Back-Office yet?

    We will begin issuing Affiliate Codes and unlocking Free Affiliate Partner Back-Offices on August 20th, 2018. Since we expect on having over 5,000 Free Affiliate Partners by then, the process may take up to one week. Please check your email then for instructions on how to access your Affiliate Back-Office and on how to Set-Up your Free Affiliate Partner Blog.

  • Can I have an Affiliate Parter Code and Back-Office before August 20, 2018?

    You sure can. Since only Platinum Partners have Affiliate Codes issued, and unlocked Affiliate Partner Back-Offices before August 20, you can upgrade to Platinum Partnership immediately and receive your Affiliate Partner Back-Office within 24 hours. Simply go to the "Platinum Partnership" course and watch the video for instructions.

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